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How to use this site:

1. You can now find all team happenings here on this password protected site including the meet schedule, optional camps & clinics, and special events such as the team parties, and picture day. You can also find helpful extras such as a video on how to do competition har, how to best care for your leotard. Only legal guardians of team gymnasts will have the site password. Please do not give out the password to anyone in the interest of everyone’s safety & privacy.

2. The site will be updated with meet session times as soon as they are sent to us. Click on the name of the meet to reveal details. Remember, meets do not send us the exact competition days/times until 1-3 weeks prior to a meet. Once the times are sent to us, this site will be updated and you will receive an email & text alerting you to check the site for updates.

Meet Awards Expectations:

Coaches may or may not be attending awards at meets due to scheduling with their breaks as required by law, or due to coaching back to back sessions with multiple teams. Please be aware, THERE IS NO SUPERVISION BY COACHES OUTSIDE OF THE MEET FLOOR. Please supervise your gymnast after the competition concludes and escort them to the awards area and supervise them during awards. Coach supervision is ONLY on the competition floor during meets, which is why an adult is required to stay for your gymnast during the duration of each meet.

Additionally, please model good sportsmanship for the team by staying until all awards have been called for your child’s session. Please refrain from telling your child their scores/placements before awards are called, as we do want to model great sportsmanship in this area as well.

Special note for meets:

Before competition days & times are released, you will need to keep the entire weekend of the meet free; this means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We could be scheduled any time over the weekend the competition takes place. If scheduled to compete on Friday, the competition would start around 5pm – the kids will not need to miss school for competitions.

Attendance Friendly Reminder: If your child has an unexcused absence the week of a meet, they will not be allowed to compete at that meet. If there is an excusable event/reason for the absence, please notify Kristen as soon as possible. Refunds will not be given if a meet cannot be attended.

Note: In the event that a competition is cancelled or postponed due to Covid or any unforeseeable circumstance, you will be notified immediately and details will be provided at that time

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