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Staff Training System

-Please work through the below online trainings in order. Make sure that you always clock in and out (instructions below) when completing these trainings online. 

-Any documents requiring a signature (you may use an ESignature), & course completion certificates should be emailed to your supervisor immediately upon completion.  

-Please let your supervisor know if you need help in any way, and please know that these trainings are for staff only, and should not be shared outside of the company. 

1. How to clock your time & Body Language Video 

Clock your time for these online trainings the same way that you do in the gym, through Gusto. Remember to write in the notes what the clock in is for (write online onboarding training). Every time you clock time when you aren’t coaching your normal classes, be sure to write a quick note as to what you were doing.

Watch the body language video training here 


2. Employee Handbook & Staff Policies

Click To Read & Sign the employee handbook  The password is: whatispw , Scroll over the bottom of the document to reveal navigation tool bar, estimated to take you 1.5hrs to complete.

Sign & submit your employee handbook document. Learn how with this video: How to esign documents in your drive

Communication Policies Video

How To Access Our Staff Calendar Video

Employee Handbook & Staff Policies Quiz


 3. Gemstone Philosophy  

Gemstone Philosophy Training & Quiz

4. Safety For Kids, Coaches, & Parents

Safety Overview Video

Darkness to Light Training (about 2 hours) This is on child sexual abuse prevention. The coupon code to make the course free is: fliptheswitch Olympian Aly Raisman will sign your certificate at the end of the course and it will be mailed to you! Please email your supervisor your ecertificate.

 Concussion Training (about 30min), email a screenshot of your certificate to your supervisor

5. What Our Company Offers To Parents & Kids

Class offerings video & exercise 

6. Preschool Child Development

Click here for the Preschool Child Development Training & Quiz

7. Get To Know You:

Fun Quiz For The Website

 Take the 16 Personalities Test